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HomeHealth Advantage will conduct a clinical evaluation of 5 start-of-care OASIS cases and provide you with individual audit reports that include our best recommendations for ICD-10 diagnosis codes as well as suggestions for improving accuracy of OASIS answers. Coding and OASIS recommendations are based on clinical documentation and the latest CMS guidelines. Getting started with our Free Trial Service is easy.

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Secure Web Portal

Requesting coding and OASIS review services is simple and secure. Access your agency’s private portal account to request service, monitor order status, and download completed coding and OASIS reports. All information is protected using the latest data encryption technology.

Licensed & Certified RNs

Coding and OASIS reviews are performed by licensed and certified RNs. Each coder has extensive nursing experience and is certified in home care coding (HCS-D) and OASIS (COS-C), or equivalent.

Easy-to-read Reports

Results are presented in easy-to-read OASIS Audit Reports and include: All diagnosis codes sequenced and mapped to OASIS M-items; Specific suggestions for improving accuracy of OASIS answers; HHRG and case-mix scores; Financial data demonstrating the reimbursement impact of our coding and OASIS recommendations.

Sample OASIS Audit Report

A summary report is provided at the conclusion of the Free Trial service. This report summarizes key findings and relevant data gathered during the trail demonstration.

Fast Turnaround: 1-2 business days

Getting results back is fast and easy. Reports are available within 1 to 2 business day and can be downloaded directly from our secure web portal.

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Higher Reimbursements

Our goal is to increase clinical accuracy of coding and OASIS answers, resulting in better outcome scores, fewer claim denials, and higher reimbursements for your agency.

HomeHealth Advantage clients capture more than $300 of additional Medicare reimbursement per OASIS episode as a result of our Coding and OASIS Review service.


Our services are based on a flat rate per assessment. No long-term commitments or minimum order quantities required. Contact a sales associate for more information on pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is OASIS Review?

OASIS Review is the clinical evaluation of an OASIS assessment and supporting documentation, specifically aimed to improve ACCURACY of diagnosis codes and OASIS answers. The review is performed before OASIS data is submitted to Medicare and enables an agency to maximize claim reimbursement and to correct errors that could potentially trigger ADRs or claim denials. OASIS reviews are conducted by our team of registered nurses who are certified in OASIS (COS-C) and home care coding (HCS-D).

Who performs the OASIS Review?

All OASIS reviews are performed by our team of licensed RNs who have earned the esteemed credentials of Home Care Coding Specialist – Diagnosis (HCS-D) and Certified OASIS Specialists-Clinical (COS-C). Each reviewer has a minimum of 10 years nursing experience.

How are the results delivered?

The results of each review are provided in an easy-to-read OASIS Audit Report, which includes:

  • Financial statistics and case-mix scores
  • All ICD-10 diagnosis codes mapped and sequenced for OASIS
  • Additional diagnosis codes relevant to the 485 (Plan of Care)
  • Recommendations for improving accuracy of OASIS answers

See Sample Report

How much does it cost?

OASIS Review service cost $60 per case with no minimum quantity requirements. Our clients currently average over $300 in additional reimbursements per episode as a result of our service. That’s a 400% return on investment (ROI).

What is the turnaround time?

Standard turnaround time for OASIS Review service is 1 business day.

Turnaround Policy

How do I get started with the Free Trial?

Getting started with the Free Trial service is easy. Trial results can be available within as little as 2 business days. A signed HIPAA Business Associate Agreement is all that is required to get started.

Contact HomeHealth Advantage for more information:

or call (801) 643-3861 and ask for Nate.

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